Diagnostic Wax-Up

Beyond communication with the patient, Diagnostic Wax-ups are invaluable for their ability to assist in the consideration of occlusal relationships, occlusal patterns and vertical and horizontal planes. Diagnostic Wax-ups help build a smile that ensures predictability in the mouth. It also allows a careful evaluation of function, anterior guidance and cusp lift. Most importantly, it is an essential communication tool that serves as a check on case fabrication for both the dentist and the technician. 

It can be difficult to communicate to your patients exactly what you have planned for their total smile restoration. Diagnostic wax-ups can become a key tool in planning and communicating your overall case. And the beautiful wax-ups created by Kayal's dental lab artisans will show your patients exactly what you have in mind and increase the acceptance rate of your planned treatments. 

Diagnostic wax-ups help patients determine whether or not to continue treatment by comparing a printed model to their current smile.

Discover the importance of diagnostic waxing for the patient and the dentist.
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