About Us

In the art of smile design, each case is unique. Since 1996, Kayal Dental Laboratory has been dedicating personal time to each case, paying the utmost attention to the specific recommendations of the doctor. Over the years, we have constantly strived to study and improve, while searching for the best materials and technologies available, in order to achieve the ideal balance between function and aesthetics for our clients. The Kayal dental laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technologies on the market. From the high-end ceramic furnace, to 3D printer and CAD/CAM technology. 

Proud Member Of The Gold Casting Academy of R.V Tucker Study Clubs

Dr. Richard V. Tucker has devoted his exceptional career to rethinking the techniques used to create fine gold works, taking them to an unparalleled level. The quality of his dental work was exceptional, as is the work of today's dentists who are committed to providing this type of dental restoration. 


The Academy brings together several hundred dentists in dozens of study clubs, mainly in the United States and Canada, but also in Europe and Japan, who are committed to providing exceptional dental restorations to their patients.

Our Equipment

Advances in technology have significantly changed the dental and dental laboratory industry in recent years. As a result, at Kayal Dental Lab, we have learned and acquired new technological tools to be able to offer the best. Design and restoration have given us a considerable advantage, not only to control the quality of our products, but also to achieve better results.

Coritec 250i 

Milling Machine

3D Printer

3shape TRIOS

Four Céramique

3shape D800


Our team of professionals has been specially trained to create a natural look and high quality dental restorations.  Kayal Dental Laboratory conducts a rigorous examination of the restorations before sending them to our partner dental clinics. Great progress in the quality and aesthetics of our restorations has been achieved through years of follow-up and training in various aspects of dental techniques.  You can count on the highly qualified technicians at Kayal Dental Laboratory.